Katherine Natalia drinking a Green ThickieAre you ready for a new adventure?

I’m currently accepting applications for  leadership positions on my Young Living essential oil team.

My team is growing faster than ever, and I’m looking for motivated individuals that I can take to the top.

As a company, Young Living is growing an at exponential rate. It is currently the largest essential oil company in the world, and NOW is the time to jump on board. Not only have these oils drastically transformed my own life, but they are used by physicians, health professionals, and hospitals all over the nation.

Owning my own business has completely changed my life. I am earning an income while sharing something I love.  When I share these oils I can change other people’s lives –and I’ll show you how you can do the same.

Since beginning my Young Living  journey, I have received top quality intensive FREE training that has helped me very quickly progress and start to earn a very good living.  I would love to help you in the same way. 

What You Can Expect When You Join my Team:

  • Intensive personal coaching with me–it is my goal to see YOU succeed in your business. I have systems in place to help you learn how to use the oils and start your business off to the best start possible.
  • Access to weekly calls, webinars, and trainings.
  • Access to our password-protected team training website.
  • Access to my 8 week Business Building Bootcamp.
  • Access to private team Facebook groups where we discuss both product information and leadership/building practices.
  • Advice on sharing oils through blogs, websites and social media. As a blogger myself, with nearly half a million page views per month, I am very comfortable in the online space. (However, having a blog/website is NOT a requirement for joining the team).  You will also receive advice on sharing the oils locally with either your friends and family or by running your own get togethers and classes.  
  • The ability to get the deepest discounts possible on Young Living products.
  • The opportunity to create real residual income from your very own home-based business.


  • Must be motivated and a self-starter
  • Must have good communication skills and the ability to speak in to others either face to face or online.
  • Must begin with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit (these start at $150)
  • Must be willing to devote time each week to growing your team (at least 5 hours)
  • Must order at least $100 worth of product each month. (This enables you to earn commission and bonus checks) You don’t have to make any monthly purchases until you start earning commission.  Even then you don’t have to make any purchases but you won’t be entitled to receive your commissions.   If you are worried about spending this amount of money on oils, don’t be.  Once you try Young Living’s oils you will fall in love with the oils and WANT to spend more money on them.  All you need to do is sign up just 2 people per month to buy a Premium Starter kit and you will make enough commission to pay for $100 worth of oils.  You then earn a whopping 25% of everything they buy for the first 3 months and continue to make a smaller commission on their purchases after 3 months.  Once the people you have signed up also start sharing, you will also make a commission on their sign ups!  That is the beauty of Young Living’s commission structure.  The more you help other’s share, the more lives you change and the more commission you make. 
  • You can cancel your Young Living membership at any time and there is no requirement to either spend money each month or carry out any work.  However, you get out what you put into making your dreams a reality. 
“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.” —Henry Ford
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –Peter Drucker

Are you ready to change lives including your own? The possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to welcome you to my team!

Click here to fill out an application

(Interested in enjoying Young Living oils but not looking to own a business? We’d still love to have you on the team! Click here for details.)

What do you get in Young Living's Premium Starter Kit?