Join me for a Petrochemical Weight Loss Detox with essential oils

Join me for a petrochemical weight loss detox

I am so excited about this!  I love a good detox and this is a protocol like no other.  This is a 3 week petrochemical weight loss protocol that can remove toxins along with stored fat and cellulite by using therapeutic grade essential oils.

Did you know that we are weighed down by petrochemicals that are stored in our bodies, and that we are all so toxic that our bodies can’t cope with it.  Petrochemicals can cause numerous health problems and we can all benefit from a cleanse.  Petrochemicals are any products that are derived from oil or any manufacturing processes using petroleum.  This can cause so many stored toxins in our fat that we can struggle to lose weight even by sticking to a healthy diet and exercising.

So this is a protocol that breaks down the petrochemicals in the body.  It was developed by Tiffany Rowen.  You can listen to an audio that explains more about this protocol here.   Tiffany explains that this can help you drop a dress size, eliminate cellulite and clear up multiple health problems including clearing up your skin, improving your digestion and sleeping better.

Tiffany lost 40 pounds and 3 inches when she followed this protocol.

Ashley Boyd also saw massive improvements.  Here are her before and after photos: 

Petrochemical weight loss

The instructions in the photo aren’t what we are following here.  But that just shows you the potential of this protocol.  Ashley also said that even when she has gained weight at certain times of year by overindulging her body now gains weight evenly not just in one area, so for that reason it was totally worth it.  You can read Ashley’s story here

Tiffany has been documenting the protocol for a while now, but she has recently changed the instructions and one of the oils.  So here are the new instructions:

Petrochemical Weight Loss Detox

3 Week Protocol

You will need:

  • 3 bottles of Citrus Fresh essential oil blend by Young Living
  • 1 bottle of Juva Cleanse essential oil blend by Young Living
  • 2 bottles of Grapefruit essential oil by Young Living

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  • Mix the 3 bottles of Citrus Fresh with the bottle of Juva Cleanse together in a small glass container with a lid.
  • Leave overnight
  • Pour the contents of the glass container back into the 3 bottles of citrus fresh
  • You are to use 1 bottle of this mixture per week
  • Apply this generously to your target areas.  One bottle should be enough for 2 target areas (e.g. stomach and hips) If you have more target areas you will need more.  Do not dilute the oils or it probably won’t work.
  • Take 5-12 drops of grapefruit, either internally by using a capsule (available at Young Living) or rubbing this on the target areas also.

Warning: Grapefruit can react to certain medications.  Please check your medications before beginning this protocol.

Another thing to note is that citrus essential oils are phototoxic which means you shouldn’t expose your target areas to the sun within 12 hours of applying these oils to the skin.

You may also experience detox symptoms from this protocol while the toxins are being removed from your body.

Here is just one of the testimonials that I came across for this detox.

“I just started a few days ago… With a twist… Doing only my right thigh. Not left and decided for
whole stomach… After four times the difference in my legs is extremely noticeable… There’s almost
a full inch different… Very exciting, and easy to show others this works… And works fast..” – Amanda

Don’t forget to take before and after pictures and measure your target areas and weigh yourself!  I can’t wait to hear your results!

I am going to be doing this for 3 weeks in July.  Although I am not overweight, I did gain about 14 pounds on holiday that I haven’t had the motivation to lose so have some unsightly fat storage on my body.  I will try and pluck up the courage to make my before pictures public!  Will you be joining me?  I can’t wait to share my results with you.  I will be documenting my results on this website and in my Facebook group.  

I can’t wait to see your results too!  If you are planning to join in, I have set up a Facebook group so we can discuss how this is going.  You are very welcome to join this group if you are planning to do the petrochemical detox yourself.   Join here. 

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Join me for a petrochemical weight loss detox

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