2 Minute Guide to Tranquil Essential Oil

Interesting Fact About Tranquil Essential Oil This relaxing blend helps ease everyday stresses and supports normal sleep. Benefits of Tranquil Essential Oil Helps relieve occasional  everyday Stress/tension Helps alleviate occasional nervous irritability Promotes restful sleep How to use Tranquil Essential Oil Massage a few drops of oil onto wrists or back of neck on brain […]

2 Minute Guide to Transformation Essential Oil

Interesting Fact About Transformation Essential Oil Transformation helps us release emotional patterning or traumatic experiences that are stored on a cellular level and benefits the nervous system. Benefits of Transformation Essential Oil Helps with Acceptance Helps with  occasional Anger/stress Helps with transitions and life changes Helps promote wellness How to use Transformation Essential Oil Massage a […]

2 Minute Guide to Trauma Life Essential Oil

Interesting Fact About Trauma Life Essential Oil Trauma Life is a calming, grounding blend of essential oils formulated to help release buried emotional trauma resulting from accidents, neglect, the death of a loved one, assault, or abuse. Benefits of Trauma Life Essential Oil Helps with letting go of stored emotions Helps with mild shock and […]

Your skin ‘smells’ sandalwood essential oil, which stimulates cell proliferation and wound healing

In the new study, researchers tested the OR2AT4 scent receptor in the keratinocytes that comprise the skin’s outermost layer. They exposed this receptor to natural sandalwood oil, as well as 10 different synthetic versions of the scent (known as Sandalore). The researchers explained that, for at least 4,000 years, sandalwood has been a prized perfume and medicinal […]

5 Minutes to Relieve Dry Skin with Essential Oils

Dry skin is very common in the winter but can be a problem any time. Essential oils can help healthy skin stay hydrated and looking soft and supple. How to use Essential Oils to improve concentration Lavender: One of the best oils for the skin because it has a very high Orac value. Put 2 drops […]

5 Minutes to Eliminate Dandruff With Essential Oils

Essential oils can be an effective remedy for dry scalp and dandruff. How to use Essential Oils for Dandruff Lavender: One of the best oils for the scalp. Add 2 drops to your conditioner in the palm of your hand. Let sit for a few minutes before rinsing. Melrose: This oil is good to Add 2 drops […]

5 Minutes to help fibromyalgia with essential oils

Fibromyalgia is a painful condition that can be helped with essential oils. Reduce pain and other symptoms with essential oils and help the underlying autoimmune response. How to use Essential Oils to help fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia Blend #1:  8 drops Idaho balsam fir; 6 drops white fir; 4 drops wintergreen; 2 drops spruce Fibromyalgia Blend #2:  […]

5 Minutes to improve concentration with essential oils

We all experience moments when it’s hard to concentrate. Essential oils can help your mind stay focused and improve your concentration and help children who are having concentration difficulties as well. How to use Essential Oils to improve concentration Clarity: Is a wonderful blend of oils that will improve your concentration and reduce brain fog. Put […]

The 12 Best Essential Oils for a healthy child

Sleepylyze- Promotes restful sleep. (Formulated for kids over 2) Sniffleaze- Supports the immune system. Encourages proper nasal function. (Formulated for kids over 2) Bite buster-Insect bite relief and anti-itch. (Formulated for kids over 2) Geneyus- To promote better focus and calm, helps a child stay on task. (Formulated for kids over 2) Owie- For minor cuts and […]

2 Minute Guide to Rutavala Essential Oil

Interesting Fact About Rutavala Essential Oil Rutavala contains Rue Essential Oil (Ruta graveolens) is relaxing and releasing but the oil used on it’s own can be very strong and is better used in a mix. Benefits of Rutavala Essential Oil Promotes normal sleep Helps with everyday stresses Relieves congestion in the heart chakra How to […]