5 Minutes to Lose Weight with Essential Oils

5 Minutes to Lose Weight with Essential Oils

Losing weight can be difficult. Diets tend to fail and it’s easy to just gain all the weight back and more when you’re done. Essential oils can help you lose weight along with a change in lifestyle. Moderate exercise and a healthy whole food, unprocessed diet will help you reach your healthy weight goals in no time.

How to use Essential Oils for Weight loss                                                

  • Peppermint: Put 2 drops on wrists. Add 2 drops to warm water and drink three times a day to curb appetite.
  • Grapefruit: A natural weight loss appetite suppressant through a process called lipolysis dissolves fat. Add two drops to warm water and drink or add to smoothies and juice.
  • Bergamot: Stimulates, produces a sense of calm and wellbeing and alleviates occasional stress. 2 drops on wrists or stomach as needed.
  • Tangerine: 2 drops in food or warm water.
  • Orange: Gives emotional support.  2 drops on wrists, in a warm bath or diffuse in room. Also good in smoothies and juice.
  • Ylang  ylang: Used to clarify thoughts and  assist in a feeling of wellness and calm. 2 drops diffused in room or in relaxing Epsom salt bath.

Testimonial quote

About a month ago we started our annual “wellness program” at work. I read in the Essential Oil Desk Reference about grapefruit oil being a fat dissolving oil. I try to have a bottle of water each day that has 4 – 6 drops of grapefruit oil in it. I have been in a much better mood and with some quality time spent on the treadmill. I have had some weight loss as well. I really think the grapefruit oil has helped with keeping me in check. Just remember to shake the bottle to keep it mixed. It tastes great!

Source: Oily Testimonials

A big welcome to essential oils from Katherine. If you're new to essential oils, I want to help you get started. Essential oils changed my life beyond all recognition. I would love the same to happen for you too.

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