5 Minutes to improve concentration with essential oils

5 Minutes to improve concentration with essential oils

We all experience moments when it’s hard to concentrate. Essential oils can help your mind stay focused and improve your concentration and help children who are having concentration difficulties as well.

How to use Essential Oils to improve concentration

  • Clarity: Is a wonderful blend of oils that will improve your concentration and reduce brain fog. Put 2 drops diluted 50:50 with a carrier oil in the palm of your hand and rub it on the temples, forehead and the back of the neck. Diffuse in room or inhale deeply as needed.
  •  Brain Power: This blend will clear brain fog fast! Use neat and rub 2-4 drops on temples and back of neck as needed.
  • Ylang Ylang and lemon mix: Mix 20 drops of lemon with 6 drops of Ylang Ylang and diffuse.  Use one drop lemon dilute with one drop carrier oil and rub on wrists and back of neck.

Testimonial quote

My name is Carmel Volino and I am writing to tell any mother out there in regards to children in school. I have been using brain power and clarity on my 7 year old daughter for the past year now and the quality of her work has improved dramatically. Keeping her focussed in school and self esteem up, these oils we found to be very helpful. Her concentration skills are so much better. It pays off when she sees test grades are sky rocketing!! What a great feeling it is to know she is not daydreaming and taking it all in.

Source: Oily Testimonials


A big welcome to essential oils from Katherine. If you're new to essential oils, I want to help you get started. Essential oils changed my life beyond all recognition. I would love the same to happen for you too.

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